Song of Solomon Radio is dedicated to sharing with you the excavation and translation of the Song of Solomon from the Pre-Babylonian script, or in other words we have the privilege of looking at The Song of Solomon using the original language–PICTOGRAPHS!

Thanks to a researcher named Jeff Benner, we now can have access to some of the greatest insights ever revealed in scripture. So why not start our exploration with the heart of God?

How can we begin to describe the weighty glory of Love itself?

Written 3000 years ago, the Song of Solomon has more application today and is richer in its insights into the heart and mind of God than when it was first written. The story of two lovers, Solomon and Shulamite, is only an earthly parallel to the grand and epic love story of the infinite yet vulnerable God and humanity.

Solomon, means “peace” and in the Hebrew Shulamite also means “peace” written in the feminine form. These two lovers find peace in one another. They are two halves of one perfect whole.

Before the fall in the Garden of Eden, both man and woman (ish and iysha) were collectively known as Adam. “Male and female He created them…and their name was Adam”(Genesis 5:2). They were considered one. Likewise, Solomon and Shulamite are One.

“For He is our peace, who has made both one, and has broken down the middle wall of partition between us”(Ephesians 2:14)

So who is this He, this Solomon who is our peace?

It is an omnipotent King who had all power and glory in His possession, yet willingly humbled Himself to give up His kingdom and to yield up His Life in order to be reconciled to the one He loves. The adoration and affection that He once received in His cherished home, He has forsaken in order to pursue a bride.

The love of God, the Majestic King, has been revealed as One who so loved His earthly companions that He would forever be changed, scarred in His battle with death in order to redeem us from our captor the grave. He has been forever woven into the fiber of humanity–subjected to the needs of a man.

Such is the love of God who has joined Himself to us with inseparable bonds of compassion! Such is the wonder of Love Who has now created a need for human companionship. Carved out in empathies and desire, He has willfully submitted Himself to be vulnerable in heart to the fidelity and affections of mankind who is now  privileged to be called His betrothed.

Hebrew is a very earthy language. This process of reconciliation between God and His Beloved is so intimate that one had to be 30 years old just to read it! As a result, in attempts for modesty, English translators have left pieces of the Song of Solomon untranslated.  All the books of the bible are holy, but the Song of Solomon is considered the Holiest of Holy because it reveals the naked heart of a selfless and innocent God.

So join us as we continue to reveal the greatest insights ever known to man…

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