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1000 Year Millenium

1000 Year Millenium from Song of Solomon on Vimeo.

There is much debate regarding what will happen at the return of Christ and what constitutes His 1000 year reign. Is it upon this earth to be spent on a sin scarred world with corrupt sin prone bodies and degenerate characters? Or is this 1000 year reign in heaven, where we receive our immortal and incorruptible bodies to then proceed to the judgment of the wicked and the creation of a New Heave and a New Earth?


Bible Misperceptions: HELL (October 2011) from Song of Solomon on Vimeo.

There are common notions of an eternal burning torture chamber for the wicked. However, as we explore biblical texts we come to the realization that “hell” is only the grave and the wicked are eventually destroyed by the fire of God’s holiness, burning only for a time and then are forever destroyed.

Misperceptions: “The Second Coming” (Part I)

Bible Misperceptions: The Second Coming (Part I) [August 31, 2011) from Song of Solomon on Vimeo.

The next cosmic event to occur, other than the rising and conflict of powers, is the second coming of Jesus. When He returns to gather those who are His. Join us on this program as we unearth what this will look like.

Re-Definition of Wicked

REVELATION #18: RE-Definition of WICKED from Song of Solomon on Vimeo.

The word wicked is often used to describe someone who is blatantly operating from destructive and oppressive motive. However, in this study we will explore “wickedness” in the original context that describes this attribute with a more comprehensive view. The point of this study is that we become more careful not to lull ourselves into a false assurance that we are far from such workings of “wickedness” or in other words human manipulation and devising, self-sabotaging and ruin. The more subtle characteristics that we inhabit are brought to light.

Misperceptions: “Secret Rapture” (pt. II)

Misunderstandings & Misperceptions in End Day Prophecy: “The Secret Rapture” (August 3, 2011) from Song of Solomon on Vimeo.

Join us as we explore common biblical misinterpretations of end time events. This week we explore biblical texts that discuss the common notion of the “secret rapture” . Where do those who are “taken” go? Who are those that “remain”?

Misperceptions: “Secret Rapture” (part I)

Misperceptions & Misunderstandings in End Day Prophecy: Intro–“Secret Rapture” from Song of Solomon on Vimeo.

This series is dedicated to uncovering biblical misperceptions concerning bible prophecy, end time events, common errors in prophetic interpretation and dangerous eschatology regarding misunderstandings of the PERSON and work of CHRIST as the intercessor in the heavenly temple.